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Essential Checklist for Setting up Your New Apple M3 MacBook Pro | by Wen Yang | Feb, 2024

A handy reference on migrating bookmarks, terminal enhancements, and AWS Cli settings

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I recently received a new 16-inch MacBook Pro with the latest Apple M3 chip for my work computer. I had heard rave reviews about the blazing-fast Apple M1 and M2 chips, so I was incredibly excited to get my hands on a machine powered by the new M3 chip.

In this blog post, I’ll walk through the steps I took to configure my new device for a smooth transition into my workflow.

My main goals were to:

  • Seamlessly access commonly used links and logins via exporting Chrome bookmarks and 1Password.
  • Customizing an aesthetically pleasing terminal environment with iTerm2 , Oh My Zsh and PowerLevel10K Theme
  • Get my work project repositories running properly with PyCharm and AWS Cli .

If you’re a data scientist, python developer, or anyone who uses the terminal and AWS cli for your daily job, you may find this guide helpful when setting up a new MacBook, especially transitioning from intel chip to apple silicon chip-powered machine.

I often keep my browser bookmarks in my personal google account. The new laptop came with Slack and my work google account which doesn’t have all the bookmarks I frequently need. Here’s how I exported bookmarks from my old laptop and imported them into the new one.

  1. On the old laptop, open Chrome with my personal google account and go to chrome://bookmarks/

2. Click the vertical three-dot menu » “Export Bookmarks”

3. An HTML file downloads containing all bookmarks (e.g. Wen_bookmarks_Feb-2023.html)

4. Drag this file to Slack and send it to myself

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