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How To Advance In Your Career As A Data Analyst | by Rashi Desai | Jan, 2024

A 5-Step Guide to Leveling Up In 2024

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

In the rapidly expanding technological world of today, getting a job in the data industry is the first step to what could be a larger data career. Now that you are a Data Analyst, what happens next? As a common way of growing in your career, people focus on expanding their skills to include more complex concepts, get certifications, or create a portfolio of work that will take you to the next step.

If you’re someone starting as a Data Analyst who wants to look at the career trajectory in the future or you’ve been in the role for a while looking for a promotion, this guide is all you need to take a closer look at how to advance in your career once you get started in this high-demand field of Data Analytics.

It all starts with setting an intention!

At the end of each year (before you go out for the holidays), set some time aside to write down your goals and intentions for the new year. This is the perfect time to reflect on the year — what you learned, what can be done better, your moments of success, and assess where you are NOW.

Once you’ve thought about where you are right now, you can envision what you want your future to look like (I am very well aware that things don’t always go as planned but your goals could start to something great!)

Now, that you have thoughts about your past and present, it’s time to think of the future. You could set ONE goal for each of your areas of work. Your goals could include —

  • enhancing your skills
  • learning a new area of business
  • creating new self-service tools and analyses
  • improving your current processes
  • getting a promotion & much more…

Even if you’re reading this blog in August of 2024, it’s not too late yet to set your intentions for the remaining year. Lastly, once the calendar turns to a new year, it is time to commit to those goals and work to level up.

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