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Talk Directly to Your Data Using Everyday Language

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Talk Directly to Your Data Using Everyday Language

In a world where data drives decisions and insights lead the way, the struggle to keep pace with evolving business questions is real. DataGPT, a conversational AI data analytics software, has introduced a game-changing solution to this very challenge. The DataGPT AI Analyst combines the creative, language-savvy qualities of a large language models (LLM) – often referred to as the “right brain” – with the logical and analytical prowess found in advanced analytics engine – the “left brain.” The outcome is a powerful tool that brings sophisticated analysis to the fingertips of more individuals without compromising precision and impact.

Here is how DataGPT is transforming the world of data analysis:


A Solution to the Data Routine


Today, organizations everywhere find themselves struggling to conduct data analysis at the speed business questions evolve. Data Scientists and BI Analysts are doing great with the tools at their disposal. However, traditional BI tools can introduce significant delays from initial data requests to the delivery of a fully functional dashboard with insights. This is not a reflection of the skills or efforts of the BI team but rather an indication of the inherent challenges posed by these tools. In many cases, the process can create a bottleneck, particularly at the dashboard creation /adjustment stage. Similarly, consumer-facing generative AI tools struggle to seamlessly integrate with with real-world Data Bases, because of the limited context window and the high probability to hallucinate. Despite substantial investments in complex tools, a staggering 85% of business users bypass them, forced to waste precious time and resources as data teams manually navigate through rigid dashboards while handling a constant stream of ad hoc and follow-up requests.

This is where DataGPT’s conversational AI data analysis comes to the rescue. It offers a sweet spot that combines the strengths of BI solutions, Advanced Analytics and Generative AI tools.


Key Features and Benefits


Let’s explore some key benefits that make DataGPT’s AI Analyst an invaluable addition to the world of data analysis:

Lightning Cache: DataGPT boasts a proprietary database that is a whopping 90 times faster than traditional database and up to 4000x times cheaper analysis and queries executed 600 times faster than standard business intelligence tools.

Data Analytics Engine: DataGPT shines when dealing with computationally complex questions. Ask it a question, and it will perform thousands of queries and calculations to provide data analysts with all data and statistics they may need (such as correlation analysis, statistical hypothesis validation, metric value bootstrapping, and time series confidence intervals, time series cross-correlations and causations).

Data Analyst Agent: This smart tool powered by self-hosted innovative LLM can handle the intricacies of human speech, accurately interpreting user data preferences, and avoiding inaccuracies and “hallucinations,” which can occur with generic foundation models.


Talk Directly to Your Data Using Everyday Language
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Empowering Data Enthusiasts


DataGPT’s mission is clear: empower anyone, in any organization, to interact directly with their data. Non-technical business users and department managers can effortlessly pose questions using a familiar chat-like interface, employing natural language, just as if they were conversing with a colleague. This user-friendly approach enables deep data exploration, allowing users to ask detailed follow-up questions and uncover crucial insights.

With DataGPT’s ability to process billions of rows of data in real time and provide both insights and visualizations, it stands out in the realm of data analytics.


Transforming the Business Landscape


By putting the power of skilled data analysis into the hands of everyday users, DataGPT is catalyzing efficiency and helping companies usher in a modern, data-driven culture. These newfound insights have the potential to unlock previously undiscovered revenue streams and save valuable time for busy data teams – nearly 500 hours each quarter. This enables these teams to focus on high-impact projects, driving innovation and growth.


A Glimpse into the Future


In a promising move, DataGPT has announced plans to open source its database in the near future, a development that holds exciting possibilities for data enthusiasts and organizations worldwide.


Real-World Success Stories


Real-world success stories are the true testament to the power of DataGPT. Michelle Bellettiere, Head of Data Analytics at Plex, has witnessed firsthand the transformation DataGPT brings. The tool has democratized data insights and made them more widely accessible, saving time and enabling faster decision-making.


Discover the Future of Data Analysis


To explore how DataGPT can transform your business, enhance your data capabilities, and help you build a modern, data-driven culture, schedule a demo. The future of data analysis is here, and it’s waiting for you to unlock its potential.

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