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5 Free Courses to Master Data Engineering

5 Free Courses to Master Data Engineering
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It’s an exciting time for the data field, and data engineers play a big part in it. With preparing and managing the data infrastructure, data engineers bring tools necessary for data collection, storage, processing, and analysis.  That’s why data engineers play a significant role in a data-driven company.

With such an important role, the companies would pay quite a sum to hire data engineer to solve their data infrastructure problems. So, how could we try to master the art of data engineer? Here are five free courses you can take to boost your career.



Let’s start with the fantastic data engineering course from IBM on edX. This course is intended to introduce data engineering basics for beginners to prepare you for more advanced use cases. 

I love this course because it gives me a data engineering foundation even though I am a data scientist. I am confident that this course would provide the beginner skills necessary to master data engineer.

The essential concepts you would learn through this course are:

  • Concept of Data Engineer
  • Workflow Management
  • Relational Database
  • Data Lakes
  • Data Stores
  • IBM Cloud Computing

The courses are also self-paced, so you can learn in your allocated time without feeling constrained.



Having learned about IBM, you should also look at what Google offers. Within their Cloud Skill Boost is a Data Engineer Learning Path that would upskill your Data Engineer skill with the Google Cloud Platform.

In the learning path, you would learn various data engineering skills through 13 courses designed for any beginner and professional. In the courses, you would understand the following skills:

  • Google Cloud Computing
  • Data Pipelines
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Lakes
  • Data Stores
  • Serverless Data Processing

Like the previous entry, the course is also self-paced, which you can try to finish at your own pace. With cloud computing in the future, this course will give you an edge for the future employer.



Let’s move on to another free data engineering course taught by another famous company, Meta. The Meta Database Engineer Professional Certificate course would focus on the data engineer skill upskilling, which is the database.

Data engineers work for the whole data flow; a big part of this flow is having a robust database. Without a reliable database, the entire data ecosystem would collapse. That’s why Meta provides this course for anyone willing to carve their path in the database. 

Within this course, you would learn the following skills:

  • Database Basics
  • Database Structure
  • Database Clients
  • Version Control
  • Advance MySQL

With 9 courses and a flexible schedule, you can leisurely upskill yourself.



A specialized course is essential for your data engineer career as it allows you to stand out. The free course UC San Diego Big Data Specialization would provide a base in the big data world.

In the data engineering field, Big Data is a complex problem that requires a specific approach. Data engineers need to be able to handle designing data flow that enables companies to process and utilize Big Data, which this course is all about. In this course, you will learn:

  • Big Data Basics
  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Integration and Processing
  • Graph Analytics and Big Data

There are 6 courses in the series with a flexible schedule. There is an estimation that you can finish the course in 3 months if you learn 10 hours per week.



The Data Engineering Zoomcamp is a free course taught by Ankush Khanna, Victoria Perez Mola, and Alexey Grigorev for any beginner run by the community. 

The courses would provide you with a complete view of data engineering from the expert in the field and prepare you to be ready for the job. With 9 weeks of learning, you would learn the following skills:

  • Data Engineer Basics
  • Data workflow and orchestration
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Pipeline
  • Analytic Engineering

The course has two ways of learning: Self-paced and Cohort Courses. The cohort learning registration has its opening schedule, so keep an eye on their pages constantly.



To make data-driven decisions company, we require data infrastructure that could support the process. A data engineer takes this task to provide a sophisticated data workflow. To master data engineering skills, we can learn from the five courses discussed in this article. With the structured courses from the renowned instructor, these courses would help you understand everything to get the data engineer job.

Cornellius Yudha Wijaya is a data science assistant manager and data writer. While working full-time at Allianz Indonesia, he loves to share Python and Data tips via social media and writing media.

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